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Why Do Thousands of Students Come to Us for Essay Writing Assistance?

What makes SpeedyPaper the best online essay writing service? We’ve received thousands of customer reviews over the years and analyzed every bit of feedback to come up with a list of reasons why so many students entrust their academic success and reputation to us.

You can rely on our online essay writing expertise because:

  1. You get a fair price. For high-schoolers, the rates start as low as $9, and undergrads can get a paper at $11 per page. Considering the outstanding quality of our work, you won’t find better value for money. And we’ll let you in on a money-saving secret: the earlier you order the paper, the cheaper it will be. Order your essays in advance, and you’ll get more for the money you pay.
  2. Your papers are perfect. We match your requirements with the paper writer best suited to fulfill them. Among hundreds of experts, we find the one pro on your topic who matches your academic level and has a spotless reputation among our clients. That’s how you get flawless papers every time.
  3. You get fast results. When you need essay writing service help, it’s usually because you’re in a time crunch. For those desperate times, we’ll set you up with the fastest writer who can complete your assignment in under six hours. As long as you don’t expect them to produce a 100-page thesis in a day, you’ll meet the submission deadline.
  4. You enjoy freebies. When you come to us seeking help writing an essay, we want you to get the best service possible. That’s why we take care of every tiny detail so that you don’t have to worry about formatting, bibliography, or title page. We’ll do all that and more for free.
  5. You receive special offers. First-time customers always get a nice bonus from us, but we want our regular customers to feel welcome and cared for too. We’ll send you promo codes and super deals once in a while. Check out our social media and the Discount page for more offers.
  6. You get round-the-clock support. Our managers remain online 24/7 through holidays and weekends. So even if you desperately need essay writer help in the middle of the night on Thanksgiving weekend, you can get in touch with us, place an order, and enjoy the rest of your family holiday.
  7. You are safe from plagiarism. For many students, the biggest fear is an accusation of academic dishonesty. Luckily, you can rely on your SpeedyPaper essay helper to produce an original piece with carefully cited sources and not a single trace of plagiarism. Just to be on the safe side, we screen every paper before delivering them to you, so you can pass the Turnitin check without a hitch.

Choose Your Perfect Professional Essay Writer

Professional writers are the core of our team. They are the superstars that make students return again and again. And while every person on our paper helper team is an expert, we want to introduce you to a couple of extra-fancy options for those critical assignments that make up the majority of your class grade and can affect your GPA.

When you come for help writing an essay and fill in the order form, we offer you four choices:

  1. The best available writer is just that – a person from our talent pool who matches your paper requirements best. That’s usually someone with a Bachelor’s degree and a solid rating among our clients.
  2. PRO writer is an essay helper who’s been on our team for at least a couple of years, has completed hundreds of papers and comes highly recommended by students. You get an instant writing quality boost, ideal for research and term papers.
  3. TOP writer is an expert from the top 10% of our talent pool, rated according to customer feedback. Every one of them is a professional essay writer dedicated to providing outstanding quality and the best results. It’s your best bet for thesis proposals, dissertations, college applications, and other critical assignments.
  4. A preferred writer is someone you’ve already worked with and whose style you like. This option works only if you’re already gotten essay writing help from us, as you need to specify the order ID for us to assign the right writer to you.

With four options at your fingertips, it’s easy to find the right person to take over your schoolwork. And if you want more information on our PRO and TOP writers, feel free to get in touch with our support team.

Get Essay Help to Secure Your Academic Success

With so many paper help websites on the Internet, why should you choose SpeedyPaper?

Every online essay service promises good quality, fast results, and zero worries. But only a few deliver, and we are among those select few. And that’s because we’ve always put students at the core of our business model. So every decision, every hiring choice, and solution are all made with your best interest at heart.

We believe that when you seek help with essay writing, you need support, reassurance, and comfort. You need to feel safe and secure in your choice. You want your school results to improve, and you want to stay out of trouble. And that’s what we deliver when we offer essay writing assistance. We help you transform your school years into a success story, one assignment at a time.

And these are not idle promises. All you have to do is check out hundreds of reviews to see with your own eyes that every claim we make is true. Thousands of students have entrusted their papers to us, and none were disappointed by the results. Many have already gotten into college and graduated with our writers at their side. Some are just beginning their academic journeys and looking for reliable guidance.

And we invite you to join their ranks and secure your school success. Whether you need a fast essay writer or a trustworthy editor, we can help.

You Are Not Alone. Why Do Students Resort to Essay Writing Help?

The first time you say ‘Help me write my essay’ is the hardest. You feel nervous and afraid; you may be even berating yourself for procrastinating and failing classes. Don’t!

You’re by far not the first student to hire an essay writer, and you won’t be the last. In fact, the number of students seeking essay help is rising with every passing year. And it’s all down to the old-fashioned education system that refuses to acknowledge that the times have changed and that essays are no longer the best way to gauge knowledge and understanding.

With over a dozen essays, research papers, case studies, and other assignments due every term, it’s no wonder students are out of time and energy to complete and submit them on time. And that’s in the best-case scenario when they don’t try to juggle part-time jobs and family obligations simultaneously.

So next time you decide to get essay help online, do so without feeling guilty. You are not to blame for the professors’ ridiculous requirements and outdated teaching approaches. And if you find a creative way to get things done using an essay service, pat yourself on the back for being flexible and adaptable.

100% Confidential. No One Will Ever Know You Turned to an Essay Helper

But what if someone finds out you’ve cut a few corners and used an essay help service? Will you be in trouble at school? Will you get suspended or expelled?

No one will ever find out because our essay help is 100% confidential. That means that all personal information you provide in your profile or your order is kept under lock and key, secure from breaches and your professor’s prying eyes.

At worst, your school might suspect you got help with writing paper online. But that’s as far as it goes. No one wants the extra work of proving it, especially as there is no proof to be found. And accusing a student without evidence is career suicide for instructors. So as long as you don’t confess anything, your reputation is safe.

Besides, professors are swamped with all the essays they assign, and they have no time to nitpick every work. It’s most likely they won’t even suspect you of using paper writing help, especially if you go with the preferred writer option to keep the writing style consistent throughout the term.

So when you ask yourself, ‘Who’s going to help me with an essay?’ SpeedyPaper should be the first thing that pops into your mind.

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